Araceli Rodríguez Azogue
Manager of the Proyecto Nuraghe, member of the Junta Directiva del Colegio Oficial de Dres. y Ldos. En Filosofía y Letras y en Ciencias de Sevilla y Huelva. Archaeologist and museographer. She supervises the archaeological activities and coordinates the workshops.

“If you have ever dreamed to take part to archaeological activities, the Proyecto Nuraghe gives you this possibility”

Manuela Puddu
Co-manager and coordinator in Italy for the Proyecto Nuraghe. PhD in Archaeology at Perugia University. Archaeologist and post-doc researcher at Cagliari University. Expert in Sardinian archaeology, she will let the students approach to Sardinian history and culture.

“A unique opportunity to know Sardinia and take part to an international project”.

Oliva Rodríguez Gutiérrez
Teacher at the Prehistory and Archaeology Department of Seville University. PhD in Archaeology at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Specialist in Roman archaeology and ancient architecture.

“Live archaeology from inside and discover this unique culture”.

Álvaro Fernández Flores
Archaeologist. Professional with huge experience in prehistoric and protohistoric field archaeology. Charter member of Arqueología y Gestión S.L.

“I’ll show and teach you the most recent excavation theories and practices and the interpretative models of the archaeological record”.

Giacomo Paglietti
Director of the Archaelogical Civic Museum of Villanovaforru and of the archaeological area of Santa Vittoria di Serri. PhD at “La Sapienza “ University of Rome, specialization in Archaelogy and post doc fellow at Cagliari University. Scientific director of the excavation at Santa Vittoria di Serri (Nuragic sanctuary). Nuragic Age expert.

“The Nuragic Age keeps many misteries, join us and discover them in the Proyecto Nuraghe!”