The experiences of the project from every point of view

It was wonderful to be part of the team

Taking part in the Archaeological Workshop in Sardinia was a great experience for me, both on the professional and on the personal side. It was very gratifying for me taking part in the project since its very beginning and work with a team of professionals who taught me so much. I hope to be there in 2015 as well to be part of the team and enjoy again this experience, the people, who warmly welcomed us, and the incredible island of Sardinia.Ana Ruiz. Participant 2014

This project is something more than a good opportunity to learn by experience

The Proyecto Nuraghe is not only a good opportunity to gain experience in archaeology and recover a piece of History. It’s a unique experience to discover the Nuragic civilization, to know Sardinia and the Sardinian culture through its marvellous inhabitants, to taste its delicious food and enjoy its incredible beaches. Take advantage of this great opportunity. Nil Carcacer. Participant 2014

I’m waiting for the 2015 season

Taking part in the archaeological excavation was a very interesting experience. I can’t wait to do it again and I hope even more people will. Carla Mocci. Participant 2014

It was my first excavation

Partaking in this project was a fantastic experience, both for the excavation – it was my first time – and for the marvellous people I met. It was a very gratifying work and I want to take part in the 2015 season to continue the digging and throw more light on the archaeological site. I’m sure that the value of the cultural heritage of San Giovanni Suergiu will be increased by the Proyecto Nuraghe and there will be a great opportunity of tourism growth. Clauda Ghisu. Participant 2014